I'm a simple man in a complex world…

This is me looking pretty dang happy!

Hi there, I'm Eli Gundry and I think the title says everything you need to know about me. I love everything to be as simple as possible. Simple life leads to less stress. A simple design is easy to understand, even though it may not be apprciated. Simple, reusable code is easy to work with and parse.

What exactly is a full stack web developer, anyways?

I get this question a lot and I should probably elaborate on this. A full stack web developer is one that feels just as comfortable working with front end web code as they do working with server side code. I feel extremely confident developing web apps, regardless if I'm fighting JavaScript in Internet Explorer, adding features to a PHP web application, or even writing database queries.

About this site

I built this website using Lektor. It's a static site generator written Python and it's pretty nice. A little confusing to use at times, but still very good.

This site leverages patterns from Schema.org in order to give markup metadata used by search engines to better understand the data contained within. Everything from my blog, my resume, to even this page make use of microdata. They are easy to integrate and Google has said that the presence of them is very beneficial for SEO.

Quick Facts About Eli