✳️ web0 is my future ✳️

there is a lot of buzz around web2 vs web3. a lot of discussion around ownership and data. these are healthy discussions for web professionals to have. for me, tho, web3 seems to be a bunch of librarian grifters trying to shoehorn ayn randian solutions as the one true way for decentralization. when i think of decentralization, i think of bittorrent and information freedom, not artificial scarcity and laser eyes.

what i can agree with in web3 is ownership of data and the best way to express that is by having a personal site. you own all the pixels that you can show. you can write pretty much whatever you want and not worry about censorship. this has been around for nearly 30 years! all you need to do is write a little html and push it to a server and boom, you're communicating. this what the web0 is all about.

while i enjoy making SPAs, sometimes it's soothing to code like my forefathers & foremothers once did. write that html without any javascript. let that text use the default fonts. really focus on your ideas instead of flash. i had a ball making this page. won't you join me and the web0 movement?

✳️ Eli Gundry ✳️