Principal Engineer

  • Instilled a culture of software testing into a company that previously had none, reducing the amount of time spent testing regressions manually across the company.
  • Developed large portions and was the lead engineer of Weber Shandwick's MobileCommand, a public relations crisis management web application, and GemSafe, an insurance platform, using Python and Flask.
  • Co-authored Fleaker, which is a collection of sensible defaults and extensions for the Flask web framework, and was the sole author of Flask-PDF and Flask-Filemanager.

Web Development Consultant

  • Architected iTree Landscape using Django and JavaScript, which uses satellite images and various data sources to determine where trees should be planted.

Computer Technician

  • Repaired computers in a retail environment and provided support for customers' networks using Linux and Windows.

Student IT Worker

Web Developer

Web Developer

Web Development Intern

Traveling IT Support

  • Provided IT support for customers in their homes.
  • Setup and supported various internet cafés around Ohio.

Sales Associate

  • Sold consumer electronics and cell phones in a retail environment.


Bachelor of Science - Computer Science (Incomplete)

  • Studied the basics of computer science while doing several internships and attending numerous hackathons.

Interactive Media Cohort


Activities & Interests