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I'm baby try-hard slow-carb dreamcatcher, selfies affogato copper mug brunch trust fund green juice irony portland asymmetrical polaroid. You probably haven't heard of them selfies street art organic hammock, seitan sartorial lomo affogato. Enamel pin woke authentic godard shaman retro locavore leggings umami farm-to-table raclette jianbing banh mi. Af hexagon put a bird on it fashion axe butcher keffiyeh polaroid kombucha cliche irony. Listicle synth next level quinoa.

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Recently, I decided to start journaling my feelings. Being a software engineer, I made an API out of it and put it on my website. You can read more about this project here.

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I make a living developing web applications. I jump all around the stack and will do whatever it takes to ship. Need me to do some devops to get this feature out? I gotcha. Some CSS is making a button look bad? I'll do my best. A query running to slow? Stop, I can't deal with all this excitment.

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I wish I read more, but there are only so many hours in the day. These are the books that I'm reading right now.


  • Vim user but I actively encourage everyone to use something else. Using Vim in 2021 is a cool bar trick.
  • Die hard Cleveland Browns fan and am convinced that we will win a Super Bowl one of these years.
  • I currently live in Astoria, Queens. I didn't think I would settle down in Queens and love it as much as I do, but life is like that sometimes, I guess.
  • I have a fat cat named Fonzie and I sorta have a tattoo of him on my arm.


I listen to way too much music and I love to listen to full albums. Below is my current playlist of songs I have on repeat and the top albums I've listened to this week.

My top 9 albums for the past 7 days


Twitter is my vice social network of choice. It's been instrumental in developing my career. I started following other developers years ago, read their blog posts, followed the people they retweeted, and stayed up to date with the latest technologies. It also has funny memes, which are equally important to keeping up to date with tech.