Glad To Meet You!

My name is Eli I only really write in lists, so here's my deal.

  • I am a πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» full stack web engineer.
  • I love to plan and πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³ cook elaborate meals. It really activates the engineering part of my brain!
  • I have a πŸ€“ non-traditional computer science education. I attended a vocational school in high school, taught myself web programming, bounced around colleges for computer science while working the entire time before deciding to go pro!
  • I am a Vim Logo Vim user but I actively encourage everyone to use something else. Using Vim in 2023 is a cool bar trick.
  • I currently live in πŸ“ Astoria, Queens. I didn't think I would settle down in Queens and love it as much as I do, but life is like that sometimes.
  • I have a 😼 fat cat named Fonzie and I sorta have a tattoo of him on my arm.

How I'm Feeling

A while ago, I decided to start journaling my feelings. Being a software engineer, I made an API out of it and put it on my website. The favicon for the site the emoji for my latest entry.

I felt rad

🏚 πŸ₯© πŸ‘―β€β™‚οΈ 🍜 πŸ“š 🌞
  • Funemployment, day 4
  • Might have landed a job already??
  • First day of Advent of Code was easy and fun
  • Gym was fun, read a book at a bar, and got a slick hair cut.

Do You Code?

My life is all about making web applications. I am the generalist you have in mind when you describe a β€œfull stack engineer” and can and will do everything to get a feature successfully to production. Query running slow? Let me at it. Need a thoughtfully designed API? I can do that in my sleep. CSS needs some tweaking? As long as I don’t need to design it, I’ll make it look great.

Review my code on GitHub!

Are You A Blogger?

I'm certainly trying to be! I try to write four posts a year. Sometimes I exceed it, other times, I completely whiff. No pressure though. Below are some of my favorite posts.

1st Favorite

⏱ 12  Minutes

πŸ“ By all means, make that money in crypto, but not all money is right.

2nd Favorite

⏱ 15  Minutes

πŸ“ Let's quickly run through my life and see how ADHD has effected it.

What I'm Reading

I wish I read more, but there are only so many hours in the day. These are the books that I'm reading right now. You can find me on Goodreads.

What I'm Listening To

I listen to way too much music and I love to listen to full albums. I mainly listen to hip hop, indie rock and emo. I occasionally write reviews of old albums that I love but aren't well known in a series called ICYMI.

In order to listen to more new music, I created Album, which recommends me albums that Spotify's algorithims would never dare show me. It's the first application I have built that I use daily!

Seasonal Playlist

On Repeat

Late Registration by Kanye West [17 scrobbles] Up In Flames (Special Edition) by Caribou [15 scrobbles] Budding ornithologists are weary of tired analogies by Milo [15 scrobbles] Microcastle by Deerhunter [12 scrobbles] Ajai by Kenny Segal [8 scrobbles] Promises by Floating Points [6 scrobbles] Blue Chips 2 by Action Bronson [4 scrobbles] The Black Album by JAY-Z [4 scrobbles] Watch The Throne by JAY-Z [4 scrobbles]