Senior Software Engineer
New York, NY

  • When I do something of note, I'll put it here.

Principal Engineer
New York, NY

  • Instilled a culture of software testing into a company that previously had none, reducing the amount of time spent testing regressions manually across the company.
  • Developed large portions and was the principal engineer of Weber Shandwick's MobileCommand, a public relations crisis management web application, and GemSafe, an insurance platform, using Python and Flask.
  • Co-authored Fleaker, which is a collection of sensible defaults and extensions for the Flask web framework.

Web Development Consultant
Kent, OH

  • Architected iTree Landscape using Django and JavaScript, which uses satellite images and various data sources to determine where trees should be planted.

Computer Technician
Kent, OH

  • Repaired computers in a retail environment and provided support for customers' networks using Linux and Windows.

Student IT Worker
Kent, OH

Web Developer
Cincinnati, OH

Web Developer
Cleveland, OH

Web Development Intern
Cleveland, OH

Traveling IT Support
Canton, OH

  • Provided IT support for customers in their homes.
  • Setup and supported various internet cafés around Ohio.

Sales Associate
Wooster, OH

  • Sold consumer electronics and cell phones in a retail environment.


Bachelor of Science - Computer Science (Incomplete)
Kent, OH

  • Studied computer science, completed several internships & attended numerous hackathons. Accepted full time offer from Croscon before completion.

Interactive Media Cohort
Smithville, OH


Activities & Interests