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Enter Dotfiles

Dotfiles are plain text configuration files on Unix-y systems for things like our shell, ~/.zshrc, our editor in ~/.vimrc, and many others. They are called "dotfiles" as they typically are named with a leading `.` making them hidden files on your system, although this is not a strict requirement. - Thoughtbot Intro to Dotfiles

Dotfiles Are A Window Into A Developer's Mind

The Bratpack?
Can You Spot The Emacs User?
"But Eli, I like to keep Vim plain so it works across machines exactly the same!"
- Someone In This Very Audience

Vanilla Vim Users

Vanilla Vim User opening Vim on a new machine
"But Eli, Vim is a text editor, don't use it like an IDE!"
- Same Person In The Audience

I ❤️ This 💩 Flies & All


How do I maintain a consistent environment across machines?

Challenge Accepted

The Answer Is Always GitHub

Sadly Accurate
Front End Conftocat in action


Shell Is Awesome!


Shell Is The Worst!

The Woooooorst


/r/unixporn Syntax

  "install": [
  "link": {
    "bashrc": "~/.bashrc",
    "vimrc": "~/.vimrc"
  "copy": {
    "gitconfig": "~/.gitconfig"

…But I Needed More!


Larry David Confused

…It Wasn't Enough

Development Environments Are Production Environments

SaltStack Logo


Dots Pillar

  bashrc: .bashrc
  vimrc: .vimrc
  zshrc: .zshrc
{% if grains['kernel'] == 'Linux' %}
  gtkrc-2.0: .gtkrc-2.0
{% endif %}

Dots State

{% set user = 'eligundry' %}
{% set dots = '/home/' + user + '/dots' }

    - name:
    - target: {{ dots }}
    - user: {{ user }}
    - require:
      - {{ user }}

{% for src, dst in pillar['dots'].items() %}
{{ home }}/{{ dst }}:
    - target: {{ dots }}/{{ src }}
    - user: {{ user }}
    - group: {{ user }}
    - makedirs: True
    - force: True
    - require:
      - dots-repo
{% endfor %}
But wait...

There's More!

I don't want to feel this way anymore.

It's Not Perfect Yet

There Is No Right Way

Be About What You Make

Not How You Make It

Almost there


  • Shell Scripts Are Awesome Until You Need To Update Them
  • Treat Your Local Environment Like Production
  • Don't Be An Ass

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